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Apache Kafka is the tool of choice when dealing with the challenges of real-time data streams, big data collection, or real-time analytics. Its high functional scalability, efficiency and speed have made Kafka one of the most popular message brokering system in the world. 

Hivemind: Kafka Experts since 2014

[_Kafka is our weapon of choice for pretty much all of our projects.]

Apache Kafka is designed for building real-time data streaming pipelines and mediating massive message streams for ultra-low latency analytics within cloud platforms. It serves as the bedrock for asynchronous scalable microservice platforms, making it easy to compose service communications across various stacks. With its cluster design and its ability to store data for a specified period of time, Kafka provides the reliability and elasticity to your service landscape, thus allowing to minimise downtime and avoid data loss. Even when data workloads increase dramatically, Kafka is the right choice to automatically balance the processing load and scale your platform.

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[_Hivemind: Kafka Experts since 2014.] 

With Hivemind as your partner, you can build upon our many years of experience with Kafka. We have been running and building Kafka platforms since 2014 (at that time version Kafka 0.7) and have since gained extensive expertise and profound knowledge of the ins and outs, and the dos and don'ts. Kafka is our weapon of choice for pretty much all our projects. Our experience ranges from high-frequency IOT data processing (at 15,000 messages per second) to enterprise integration use cases, and streaming (big) data platforms.

_Take advantage of our track record with Kafka

Take advantage of Kafka and the Kafka family of components, such as KSQL, Kafka Connect, Schema Registry and MirrorMaker. Our experienced team supports you in developing professional real-time data pipelines and applications for streaming data on top of your Kafka deployment.

We help you successfully deploy Kafka: 

  • on your own on-premises infrastructure
  • in Kubernetes
  • and on various cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

We also provide training and implementations of Kafka-powered microservices.

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