We help technology leaders find the right approach for their products and organisation.

Are you stuck with your current IT architecture? Do you struggle with scaling your infrastructure in time properly? Do you feel that it takes forever to deliver features? Do you want to start a new project but need experienced specialists as sparring partners for your ideas first? Do you want to prepare your team for the next big step in your organisation?

We're here to help. We support you with our longstanding experience and expertise to ensure that your project is successful.

State of the art software engineering, consulting & developing


Whenever you need an expert opinion, we're here to support you with architecture and code audits. Our expert team will dive deep into your architecture, identifying possible pitfalls, constraints or scalability issues. In collaboration with you, we will sketch out areas for improvement in your systems and find the best solutions for you to fix them. 

We also offer hassle-free online support via Slack & Zoom.


       Rescue Squad          

Rescue Squad

Do you find yourself knee-deep in tech debt and have no idea how to fix it? We help you investigate your systems to identify key areas of improvement. We will develop an action plan to get your system or project back on track by working closely with you.

         Collaborative design workshops

Are you starting a new project? We offer guidance in architectural design during hands-on, collaborative workshops. We’ll support you with our knowledge and experience to make your architecture bulletproof.

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Why choose Hivemind?


Benefit from the longstanding experience of our senior development team.

We believe in sharing knowledge to empower your own teams.

We always pursue a best-practice approach, striving to create things as simple and efficient as possible.