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We are a software engineering consultancy and IT service provider with a conscience. We choose our customers cautiously: No fossil fuels, no military, no surveillance industries. Our offices are, of course, fully powered by green electricity. 

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At Hivemind, we cherish the richness that can arise from cultivating a diverse, humane culture of openness, respect and mutual trust. We are kind. We are respectful. We are Mentors and Mentees. And most important: We trust our employees. We are creating a supportive and nurturing environment for our team. We want to challenge not only the the status quo of software development but of work life itself. We welcome people who share our values and support improvements of human interaction, fairness and sustainability – on all levels.

_Strategy & Operations

Our consultancy unit provides in-depth knowledge of modern data technologies, automated processing in Big Data environments and scalable data centre operations in cloud (AWS, GCP) and hybrid environments.

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_"No Bullshit" Approach

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Our strict "no bullshit" approach is key to success. We radically cut the BS out of software development. Unnecessary bureaucracy and ceremony and the pursuit of fancy anticipatory implementations are waste which jeopardise fast feedback cycles and high quality, simple and robust software delivery.