Big data architectures hold enormous potential. Yet handling vast amounts of data can be a real challenge. We help you set up fast and robust solutions that fully scale with your demands. We provide you with a full expert service: from consulting on next-generation technologies over modern agile software development, up to empowering your own team with our expertise through trainings and pairing sessions with our senior developers.

State of the art software engineering, consulting & developing

         (Big) Data Engineering Solutions

In today's business environment, data flows quickly overflow the capacity of traditional Business Intelligence infrastructures. Working with vast and growing amounts of data quickly push these systems to their limits. We help you regain control over your data. With our longstanding experience in the field, we design and build big data platforms that fit your individual requirements. At every step of the process, you can rely on our expertise and our best practice approach. By using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we build data platforms that are reproducible, deterministic and automatable. The platform scales with your organisation's growth – and not with your budget.


      Analytics & Machine Learning        

Robot Learning

Using Machine Learning is a strategic competitive advantage in many operational fields. It provides predictive capabilities in decision making within the company, especially in stock management, supply chain or market development and improves the customer experience and conversion in sales funnels. We support you in finding the right tools for your analysis and machine learning demands. We also help you build state-of-the-art machine learning and data analytics systems in the cloud.

         Real-Time Streaming Data       

The ability to analyse large amounts of data without delay is the core ingredient to run a successful data driven organisation. In order to collect, analyse and store large amounts of data in real-time, there must be a continuous stream of input data to produce a continuous output. This can only be achieved by modern data streaming architecture. We've been solving hard problems with enormous data sets ever since we were founded in 2014, and we help you set up, develop and run streaming data pipelines that assure fast accessibility of data throughout your company. In close collaboration with your organisation and your team, we hekp you onboard and operate technologies such as Apache Kafka, Spark, Cassandra on cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP or Azure.

Streaming Data


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We know what we're doing - we have an expansive list of do's and don'ts for pretty much every hard data problem

We not only develop solutions for you but also share knowledge to empower your teams with trainings and pairing sessions.

We use functional programming wherever possible. This makes development and deployment faster, better and more reliable