[_Scala Developer.]

We are a team of skilled Scala developers who like to write pure functional and clean Scala code. We are working mostly full-stack with little frontend but quite a bit of DevOps. Our stack includes a lot of OSS, like Spark, git, Kafka, Elasticsearch, and libraries including zio, cats, circe, monix, fs2, akka streams, http4s, and shapeless. In addition, we heavily make use of AWS and cloud computing. We strive to empower women in the tech business and aim for more diversity and thus especially welcome non-male applications.

Note that this is a permanent position, no contractors

Your responsibilities

Designing and building distributed data systems

Writing code that your peers praise for its elegance and readability

Creating and improving infrastructure and processes that fit our clients' needs

Thinking holistically: Constantly evaluating our work and internal processes

We would love to work with you, if you…

  • Are a Scala Developer.
  • Are proficient in writing clean Scala code.
  • Are familiar with the JVM.
  • Have experience with a variety of databases.
  • Have enthusiasm for microservice architectures, distributed systems, and RESTful APIs.
  • Have knowledge of current trends in software design, architecture, and web services.
  • Like to work in a small, dynamic, and diverse team.
  • Are fluent in English.
  • Are EU/EEA/U.K. national or have a working permit.
  • Are living +- 3 hours from CET timezone.
  • Consider yourself a genuinely kind and friendly person.
  • Want to have an actual life besides your job.

What gives you the edge

  • The desire and ability to write pure functional code
  • Experience in statistical modeling and machine learning
  • Experience with cloud computing, especially AWS
  • Experience with DevOps and interest in CI/CD
  • Experience working in a distributed team

What we offer you

By joining Hivemind, you will work in a small, collaborative cross-functional team with flat hierarchies and lean processes. Together with our focus on clean code, test coverage, and a great onboarding practice you will be able to contribute right from the start and take ownership quickly.

As a small international team, distributed mostly across Europe and an admin team based mostly in Berlin we won't micromanage you or enforce rigid work times, instead we encourage self-organisation and self-determination. We emphasise flexible remote work and even make it possible for our employees to travel the world while working with us. We want our work to fit well into our personal lives, hobbies and families. Family and especially children always come first with us. We also understand that not everyone is always at their best and try to accommodate times in our lives when we may need more time for ourselves. 

We work together to provide everyone at Hivemind with a better life. We don’t live to work. We embrace different genders and life choices and are violently opposed to racism, homophobia, or sexism. We offer you an environment where everyone is welcome.

As a result of working for different clients, you will be working with state-of-the-art technology and therefore continuously improve your technical skills. There is no predefined set of technologies we use. You are encouraged to make suggestions for your favourite tools and technologies. We have a trial and error philosophy and take the time to try out new tools and techniques when we think it will benefit us in the long term.


  • We work 100% remotely
  • Choice of equipment (Mac or Linux)
  • Cross-Functional teams
  • Paid Conference/workshop
  • Paid co-working
  • Regular on-sites 2-3x a year usually in Berlin
  • Flexible working arrangements (between 20 - 38h / week)
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • We don’t do overtime
  • A job that marries well with your life



We have a 3 stage hiring process

1. Interview with the 2 directors to get to know one another If both sides want to continue you get a tech challenge to do in your own time within more or less 2 weeks.

2. Interview with a few people who work at Hivemind to check whether what we promised in stage 1 is actually true :) and maybe answer questions about the tech challenge

3. Takes place when you’ve finished the challenge. It’s an interview with people from the team to have a look at your solution together to test how we could work together and how you handle feedback.

Send your resume to jobs@hivemindtechnologies.com