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We are excited to participate in Reset Connect 2024, the UK’s premier sustainability and net-zero event. We will have our own booth, and our CEO, Erik Schmiegelow, will be speaking about 'Data Streaming and Real-Time Intelligence for Sustainable Industries and Renewable Energy Markets' at the Tech and AI Hub.

Hivemind Technologies at Reset Connect 2024 I 25 - 26 June I ExCel I London I Booth L400

[_Keynote by Erik Schmiegelow]

[_Data Streaming and Real-Time Intelligence for Sustainable Industries and Renewable Energy Markets.]

Data streaming and real-time intelligence are crucial for the sustainable and renewable energy industries. Real-time observability and reactivity play a vital role in efficient data processing systems, SCADA platforms, and other control systems. As renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction initiatives continue to grow, it is essential for GreenTech companies to build advanced IoT integration and data analytics platforms. In this presentation, we will showcase the process of designing scalable and resilient architectures.

26 Jun 2024 I 10:25 - 10:55 I Tech & AI Hub I Reset Connect


[_Get in touch for insights on:]

[AI & Machine Learning.]

[Data Streaming & IoT.]

[Cloud & Edge Computing.]

[Next Gen SCADA Systems.]

Hivemind Technologies at Reset Connect 2024 I 25 - 26 June I ExCel I London I Booth L400

[_Digital Transformation for Sustainable Businesses.] 

[_Generative AI and Machine Learning:] 

Custom AI Models: We develop bespoke large language and machine learning models tailored to your business needs, enhancing decision-making and automating complex processes.

Advanced Analytics: Utilise advanced machine learning algorithms to gain deeper insights from your data.

Automated content processing: Leverage generative AI  for automated processing and document search and discovery.

Consulting and implementation: Our experts provide end-to-end consulting and implementation services to seamlessly integrate AI into your business

[_Data Streaming and IoT:]

Real-Time Analytics: Implement data streaming to process and analyse data in real-time, ensuring timely insights and responses.

IoT Integration: Connect and manage IoT devices for seamless data collection and automation across various environments.

Predictive Maintenance: Utilise IoT data to predict equipment failures and perform maintenance proactively, reducing downtime and costs.

Smart Solutions: Develop smart applications for homes, cities, and industries, enhancing efficiency and improving quality of life.

[_Cloud and Edge Computing:] 

Cloud Solutions: Deploy and manage scalable cloud infrastructures to support your business needs, ensuring flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Edge Computing: Implement edge computing to process data closer to its source, reducing latency and improving performance for real-time applications.

Hybrid Solutions: Combine cloud and edge computing to optimise workloads, enhance security, and ensure high availability.

[_Next Gen SCADA Systems:] 

Enhanced Data Collection: Utilise modern SCADA systems for real-time data collection and monitoring of industrial processes.

Integrated Solutions: Integrate SCADA with IoT and cloud technologies for improved data analysis, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

Customised Implementations: customise tailored SCADA solutions to meet specific industry requirements, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

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Visit our booth and get in touch with our experts: Hivemind Technologies at Reset Connect 2024, Booth L400.

[_About Reset Connect]

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