Having high quality tools is essential for delivering high quality products. Thus choosing the right tech stack is an important factor for fast and reliable software development. We use state-of-the-art technologies, to build robust software architectures and high-performing systems that meet the expectations of ourselves and our customers.

Tech Stack

[Apache Kafka.]

_Take advantage of our track record with Kafka

Take advantage of Kafka and the Kafka family of components, such as KSQL, Kafka Connect, Schema Registry and MirrorMaker. Our experienced team supports you in developing professional real-time data pipelines and applications for streaming data on top of your Kafka deployment.

We help you successfully deploy Kafka: 

  • on your own on-premises infrastructure
  • in Kubernetes
  • and on various cloud platforms such as AWS, GC, and Azure.

We also provide training and implementations of Kafka-powered microservices.

Apache Kafka Inverted Alt